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Girard School of Business

Requirements for Business Administration Major

All Business Administration majors must satisfy the following requirements:

  • The College’s general education requirements
  • The Business Administration major requirements. The Business Administration requirements are:


1. Girard School Requirements taken in other divisions of Merrimack College:

  • Economics- 1 course- ECO1201
  • Mathematics- 1 course- MTH1003 or MTH1115 (must take one)


2. Business Core Requirements:

  • Introduction to Business- BUS1100
  • Accounting for Business- BUS2203
  • Principles of Marketing- BUS2205
  • Management Information Systems- BUS2210
  • Business Statistics- BUS2213
  • Managerial Finance- BUS2215
  • Operations Management- BUS2220
  • Advanced Business Analysis & Decision Making- BUS3302(only for those graduating May 2015)
  • Strategic Analysis & Decision Making- BUS4402

Total: 9 courses (36 credits)


3. Business Concentration Requirements (5 to 6 courses beyond core as listed under each curriculum group)

4. Electives selected to individualize the students’ program and meet graduation requirements consistent with each student’s career and educational plans.