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Center for Augustinian Study & Legacy


Pellegrinaggio for Credit

RTS 2425
Pellegrinaggio in Italia: In Search of Augustinian Community 4 cr.

This course is an in-depth study of St. Augustine of Hippo as well as an exploration of the origin of the Augustinians, the Religious Order which bears his name.

After seven monthly preparatory seminars, students journey to Augustinian Italy to examine, first hand, sites of importance in Augustine’s life and in the origin and early history of the Augustinian friars. This experience provides active, engaged learning and dialogue among community of friends, and offers a number of inter-disciplinary opportunities. The course will enhance the student’s search for thewisdom that can result  from a deeper understanding of self, others and God, the search which captivated 75 the life of Augustine.

The monthly seminars are held from September to March and the journey takes place during Spring Break.

Satisfies the second institutional requirement in religious and theological studies.