Fostering Interfaith Dialogue

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The Center for the Study of Jewish-Christian Muslim Relations is dedicated to making Merrimack College the premier undergraduate institution for interfaith dialogue and intercultural education among Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Our programs for Merrimack students, faculty and staff, and for our wider audiences beyond the College, are designed to invite and challenge participants to:

  • Grow in understanding of and respect for the beliefs and practices of diverse religious communities.
  • Develop the virtue of compassionate care for religious and cultural minorities.
  • Discover calls to ecological justice expressed in the sacred texts and teachings of major religions.
  • Discern a personal call to act in solidarity across religious and cultural differences.
  • Adopt practices that advance personal, religious and spiritual growth.

These goals advance the promise of the Second Vatican Council to “recognize, preserve and promote the good things, spiritual and moral, as well as the socio-cultural values” among different religions (Nostra Aetate #2).

Leaders from Class of 2014 honored at Feast of Faiths: Anna, Iqra, Chelsea and Neha As a College founded and sponsored by the Order of Saint Augustine, Merrimack is inspired by Augustine’s vision that “there is no one in the human race to whom we do not owe love (Letter 130:13),” and his urging that in dialogue and conversation we always “audi alteram partem - listen to the other (De duabus Animabus 16:2).”