Minor in Education

Students can minor in education by taking a structured sequence of relevant coursework. 

The minor in education (up to 24 credits) will offer students an in-depth examination of the educational system through multiple disciplinary perspectives, such as philosophy and sociology.

Required Courses (complete all three)

EDU 2110

Foundations and Principles of Education

EDU 2130

Diversity, Social Justice and Ethics

EDU 3210

Psychology of Learning and Assessment

Complete one of the following:

EDU 2210

Child and Adolescent Development

EDU 2230

Applied Adolescent Psychology

EDU 2310

Introduction to Early Child Education

Complete one of the following:

EDU 3310

Teaching Reading and Language Arts

EDU 3340

Teaching Mathematics and Technology

EDU 3360

Teaching Science, Health and Physical Education

EDU 3420

Instructional Method and Technology for Middle and Secondary Education

EDU 4320
EDU 4340

Teaching Social Studies
Children’s Literature

EDU 4500

Language Acquisition and Literacy Curriculum Development