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Course Descriptions

Fundamentals of a Faith-based Education (4 cr.)

This course examines the philosophy and history of Catholic-based education. Using documents from Vatican Council II and Post-Conciliar works, the National Catholic Education Association, and the Augustinian Order as a model, emphasis is placed on the importance of school leaders to promote faith-formation, the charism and mission of their faith-based school, and to understand their connection to the overall organizational faith.  

Technology, Communication, and School Improvement (4 cr.)

This course focuses on using technology to communicate school material and to market information via blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat. It also analyzes data to develop a school vision and improvement plan. 

Financial Leadership (4 cr.)

This course provides insights into budgeting and its interconnectedness to student enrollment, tuition, income, the parish budget, scholarships, capital improvements, strategic planning, fund raising, and working with Boards.