Master of Education in Teacher Education

Middle (5-8) and High School (8-12) Education

Middle (5-8) and High School Education (8-12)

The School of Education & Social Policy offers a 36-credit master’s of education in Middle School (5-8) or High School Education (8-12), with concentrations available in many content areas.

Applicants will undergo a transcript review – from all undergraduate institutions – for appropriate subject matter knowledge prior to acceptance into the program.  

Completion of a teacher education program is one of the requirements for initial licensure from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  Applicants will undergo a review to determine whether they can demonstrate subject-matter knowledge for an initial license in Middle or High School Education; applicants must have completed applicable coursework in the subject area where they seek licensure.

Merrimack College is authorized to endorse teacher candidates in the following content areas:

  • Biology (8-12)
  • Chemistry (8-12)
  • Earth and Space Science (8-12)
  • English (5-12)
  • General Science (5-8)
  • History (5-12)
  • Humanities (5-8)
  • Math (5-8)
  • Math (8-12)
  • Math/Science (5-8)
  • Physics (8-12)

All students must contact their academic advisor to be cleared for registration in future semesters. 

Middle and High School Teacher Education Program


Suggested sequence of courses.

ED 5740G — Teaching and Learning in Inclusive Classrooms (4 cr)
   Co-requisite: ED 6500G — Pre-Practicum Field-Based Experience I (0 cr)
ED 5800G — Design and Managing Curriculum for Middle and Secondary Classrooms (4 cr)
ED 5850G — Information Technology in Education (4 cr)
ED 5860G — Adolescent Psychology (4 cr)
ED 605G — Methods of Teaching at the Secondary Level (4 cr)
ED 6100G — Research and Emerging Topics in Education (4 cr)
ED 5880G — Literacies Across the Content Areas (4 cr)
ED 582G — Sheltered English Instruction (4 cr)
ED 6505G — Pre-Practicum Field Experience II (0 cr)
ED 650G — Practicum in Middle or High School Education (4 cr)
   Co-requisite: ED 6510G — Practicum Seminar (0 cr)
  • Successful completion of all MTEL exams related to the license
  • Practicum application with advisor permission and signature
  • Attendance at a practicum information session
  • Good academic standing in the graduate program
  • Communications & Literacy Skills (01): Reading and Writing subtests
  • Appropriate subject area

*Course work and program options are subject to change.

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