Master of Education in Teacher Education

Middle (5-8) and High School (8-12) Education

Girard School of Business

Middle (5-8) and High School Education (8-12)

The School of Education & Social Policy offers a 36-credit master’s of education in Middle School (5-8) or High School Education (8-12), with concentrations available in many content areas.

Applicants will undergo a transcript review – from all undergraduate institutions – for appropriate subject matter knowledge prior to acceptance into the program.  

Completion of a teacher education program is one of the requirements for initial licensure from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  Applicants will undergo a review to determine whether they can demonstrate subject-matter knowledge for an initial license in Middle or High School Education; applicants must have completed applicable coursework in the subject area where they seek licensure.

Merrimack College is authorized to endorse teacher candidates in the following content areas:

  • Biology (8-12)
  • Chemistry (8-12)
  • Earth and Space Science (8-12)
  • English (5-12)
  • General Science (5-8)
  • History (5-12)
  • Humanities (5-8)
  • Math (5-8)
  • Math (8-12)
  • Math/Science (5-8)
  • Physics (8-12)

All students must contact their academic advisor to be cleared for registration in future semesters. 

Middle and High School Teacher Education Program (M.Ed.)


Students who have completed an undergraduate teacher education program may waive course(s) from the graduate program with approval of their academic advisor.  For instance, if a student received an endorsement for Sheltered English Instruction through their undergraduate program, or through a current school district, this course may be waived from the graduate program and an alternate elective selected with advisor approval. 

Below is the suggested sequence of courses.  Course work and program options are subject to change, and course sections may be added or cancelled during any semester based on enrollment. 


ED 5740G — Teaching and Learning in Inclusive Classrooms (4 cr)
 Co-requisite: ED 6500G Pre-Practicum Field-Based Experience I (0 cr)
ED 5800G — Design and Managing Curriculum for Middle and Secondary Classrooms (4 cr)
ED 5850G — Information Technology in Education (4 cr)
ED 5860G — Adolescent Psychology (4 cr)
ED 605G — Methods of Teaching at the Secondary Level (4 cr)
ED 6100G — Research and Emerging Topics in Education (4 cr)
ED 5880G — Literacies Across the Content Areas (4 cr)
Co-requisite: ED 6505G Pre-Practicum Field Experience II (0 cr)
ED 582G — Sheltered English Instruction (4 cr)
Co-requisite: ED 6507G Pre-Practicum Field Experience III (0 cr)
ED 650G — Practicum in Middle or High School Education (4 cr)
 Co-requisite: ED 6510G Practicum Seminar (0 cr)
  • Successful completion of the Communication & Literacy MTEL
  • Online application of intent to the Field Placement office, with advisor approval 
  • Attendance at a practicum information session
  • Successfully complete all required coursework for the program, and be in good academic standing in the graduate program (3.0 GPA)
  • Communications & Literacy Skills (01): Reading and Writing subtests
  • Appropriate subject area

*Course work and program options are subject to change.

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