Why Merrimack?

It’s in Our DNA

As a Roman Catholic college founded in the Augustinian tradition, Merrimack believes, as St. Augustine did, that experience can often be the best guide to learning about ourselves and the world. 

Spire of Merrimack's Collegiate Church of Christ the Teacher.

Regardless of your major or interests, you’ll find a wide array of experiential education opportunities at Merrimack from which to choose. Examples include:

  • Teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) classes to at-risk students in surrounding communities.
  • Studying abroad for a semester in some of the world’s great cultural cities, including Buenos Aires, Argentina; Dublin; Florence, Italy; London; Shanghai; and Sydney.
  • Immersing yourself in Italian culture, art, literature, science or business during a three-week, faulty-led summer session in San Gimignano, Italy.
  • Conducting field research with a faculty member in Santo Domingo.
  • Working in an oil refinery and redesigning outdated power equipment during an internship at Citgo Petroleum.
  • Living alongside and serving the needy in some of the poorest areas of Ecuador, Jamaica and Nicaragua.

We strive to give every Merrimack student a chance to pursue one or more experiential learning opportunities. Whatever your interests are, we are confident that these life-changing experiences will add a unique and invaluable dimension to your years at the college.

Fast Fact

Sixty-five percent of the Class of 2015 completed an internship or cooperative education experience.

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