School of Health Sciences

Exercise Science

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

32 Course Curriculum

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Freshman Year I

HSC1122 Anatomy & Physiology I (STEM)
HSC1000 Careers in Health Sciences*
MTH1016 Pre-Calculus/MTH1217 Calc
FYW1050 Intro to College Writing (FYW)     

Freshman Year II

HSC1123 Anatomy & Physiology II
HSC3302 Intro to Public Health
MTH1111 Statistics (STEM, Q)
PHL1000 Intro to Philosophy (PHL)

Sophomore Year I

BIO1025: Biological Sciences
CHM1210 Chemistry for Health Professions
HSC2300 Intro to Nutritional Sciences
SME2345 Strength & Conditioning 
HSC2350 Prof Development in HS

Sophomore Year II

HSC3310 Health Behavior Promotion
CHM1220 Chemistry for Health Professions II
SME2250 Research Design
Religious Studies (RTS)

Junior Year I

SME3311: Exercise Physiology
PHY2201: General Physics I
Health Sciences Elective 1
Social Science 1 (SOSC)

Junior Year II

SME3308 Biomechanics
PHY2202 General Physics II
Social Science 2+ (D)
Health Sciences Elective 2

Senior Year I

HSC4850 Health Sciences Internship (X) 
SME4348 Exercise Program Design
Historical Studies (H) or (FL)
Arts & Literature (AL)

Senior Year II

HSC3336W: Pathophysiology (W)
SME3347 Exercise Prescription & Testing
Ethics (E)
Open Elective 1