Making the Grade

The admission office actively recruits high-school seniors with an adjusted GPA of 3.70 or greater. Qualifying students have been invited to join the honors program in their admission letter. To accept this invitation, log in to your application status portal and fill out the Honors Reply Form.

Recruitment of Sophomores

At the end of every fall semester, faculty are asked to nominate current Merrimack freshmen for admission to the honors program. Acceptance is at the discretion of the honors program. Upon meeting with the director, students are matriculated into the program and are expected to complete all requirements in their remaining three years at the college. If you are recommended for the honors program, please contact the program director. 

Transfers Too

The director considers transfer students for admission to the honors program on a case-by-case basis. Generally, faculty advisers must see a strong academic background and recommend applicants who are keenly motivated to contribute to the program and complete it within three years.

Download Honors Brochure