Honors FAQs

Honors Frequently Asked Questions

Joining the Honors Program at Merrimack is an exciting next step in your academic journey!

Below are some of the most common questions we hear from students considering the Honors Program. We asked our current Honors students for answers – here is what they said!

The Honors Program brings an even greater sense of community to the college experience. It is an incredible community of academically driven individuals who come with strong goals and aspirations for themselves. Additionally, it is full of new friends and experiences through the living-learning community and innovative programming.

The resources that Merrimack and the Honors Program provides, whether it be mentoring, advising, students giving general advice, etc, is what sets you up to succeed. No one will fall through the cracks due to the small community and built in support of the students, faculty, staff, and program as a whole.

There are so many benefits to the Honors Program! There is nice housing, the Honors commons, priority registration, a scholarship, travel opportunities, and common spaces. There is also access to a network of Honors students and alumni.

Merrimack Honors is special because of the resources provided within the program. There are Honors specific sections of common core classes, which is great to get to meet like minded students and fantastic professors. Additionally, there is 24-7 access to Honors only facilities within the Honors Commons, which has such a welcoming atmosphere that sets our program apart. Lastly, the Honors Program offers fun and distinctive programming, including a Winter Soiree, unique speakers nights, events with donuts and grilled cheese sandwiches, and attending the Boston Ballet Nutcracker! Follow the Honors Program on Instagram for more!

This is a common misconception. Honors courses are not any more difficult than normal courses at Merrimack. They just require another level of thinking and the professors really provoke discussions in class to help us think deeper.

You have to take eight Honors courses throughout your time at Merrimack. These include Honors intro to College Writing, Honors Intro to Philosophy, Honors Intro to Social Justice, and the Honors Senior Capstone course. Otherwise, you can take a combination of introductory courses that either cover the College general education requirements or Honors courses within your major.

We help you every step of the way! In the months leading up to your first semester, you’ll be matched with an honors mentor. They help you make the transition to college by showing you around campus and introducing you to various services available on campus. They also help you get acclimated to the Honors Program and its requirements.

Meet the Peer Mentors!

Of course! You can most definitely be a member of the Honors Program and commute.! As long as you network and apply for a leadership position within the Honors Program, you will be very connected on campus.

Juggling being an Honors student with other commitments is not as difficult as it seems. There are no extra classes that Honors students have to take; you simply take the Honors section of your general education requirements.

First-year students live in Ash and sophomores, juniors, and seniors have the opportunity to live in North Residential Village. Both areas are suite style living with private bathrooms and a common room. Learn more!

And while Honors housing is an added benefit of the program, it is not required. You can opt to live outside of Honors specific housing if you would like.

Freshman honors students get to choose a peer mentor before the first semester begins. This mentor is there to help you with anything you could possibly need your freshman year. As a freshman, it felt so nice to have a student who understood what you were going through adjusting to college.