Honors Residential Suites

The honors residential suites provide spacious room for upperclass honors students to live and study together.

Honors sophomores and above may apply to live in the honors residential suites for one or more years, on a space-available basis. The suites foster a community of engaged learners who are highly involved on campus in many ways. 

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North Residential Village

Honors residential suites for the 2021-22 academic year are in North Residential Village, Houses 6 and 7 (pictured above). Features include:

  • Dedicated study space for honors students
  • Short walk to classrooms, dining and activities.
  • Suite-style living:
    • Four-person suites are on one level with two bedrooms, a common area and a full bathroom.
    • Six-person suites are on two levels with three bedrooms, a common area and two bathrooms.

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