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Honors Program

Honors Student Council

The purpose of the Merrimack College Honors Program Student Council is to serve as a representative student body for the entirety of the Honors Program. The Council is a specific group of Honors Students selected to enhance and enrich the academic, intellectual, and social experience of the greater population of Honors Program students.

2015-2016 HSC Executive Board 

The executive committee consisting of the Chair, Co-Chair, and Graduate Fellow, will be responsible for serving as the liaison between the HSC and the Honors Program Staff. They will be expected to attend executive meetings with the Graduate Fellow and any other members of the HP staff as needed. Additionally, they will report to the Graduate Fellow with the information stemming from the committees. 

Kate Culverhouse ’16

Major: Human Development (Elementary Education)

School: School of Education and Social Policy

Hometown: Palmer, MA

Joe Fisher ’17

Major: Health Science (Public Health)

School: School of Science and Engineering

Hometown: Somerville, MA

For a complete list of HSC Members, please click here



Academics/Program Development

The Academics/Program Development committee is responsible for attending and recording notes at Honors Program Committee meetings, coordinates and publicizes Academic Events held by the HSC and other Merrimack organizations, works with Honors Program faculty to coordinate events in which students and faculty interact, and facilitates the Academic Survey to Honors Program


The Enrichment committee is responsible for establishing an inclusive Honors community by creating events such as diversity celebration nights including films, shows, plays, etc., works with Merrimack organizations such as Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations to facilitate an honors and Merrimack community dedicated to inclusivity, and builds an inclusive community with the Honors Program suite and LLC’s by incorporating Merrimack’s ideals and traditions with other organizations on and off campus

General Committee

The general committee is made up of general members who help to plan, and execute Honors Program events in conjunction with other committees, coordinate with committee officer(s) for which the event pertains to, and coordinate with the executive committee to help facilitate new student recruitment

Public Relations

The Public Relations committee focuses on publicizing the Honors Program through the use of the Honors Program social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts, works on advertising events and important information, helps write for Honors Program newsletter and website, and coordinates with the Social Media Coordinator and Staff Assistants.

Service/Civic Engagement

The Service/Civic Engagement committee focuses on coordinating service and civic engagement related activities for the entire Honors Program such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Thanksgiving Basket Drive, Random Acts of Kindness Week, Relay for Life, etc. The committee also connects with organizations on and off campus including Campus Ministry, and Office of Student Involvement to participate in service opportunities as an Honors Program community such as Mack Gives Back, and focuses on fundraising activities and events to collect donations for outside organizations and charities chosen by the HSC.


The Events/Programming committee is responsible for all logistical aspects and coordination/facilitation of social programming, as well as providing tools and ideas for updating the bulletin boards in the honors lounge. This committee’s major responsibilities are to ensure the facilitation of honors events such as Snack Attacks, Socials, etc. The events/programming committee also works with the Honors Resident Advisors to plan events in the Honors LLC’s, focuses on activities for the entire Honors Program such as the Snack Attacks, Movie Nights, etc. and focuses on interconnecting all members of all classes in the Honors Program through community building events.

Examples of HSC events:

  • Snack Attacks are a time for Honors students to take a break and
    mingle with other Honors students in the Honors lounge with food! Examples of past
     snack attacks include making caramel apples and decorating cookies. 
  • Movie Nights for Honors students in the Honors Living Learning Communities.
  • Service opportunities are a major component of HSC events and include fundraising such as for Lazarus House and the Wounded Warrior’s Project. HSC has also organized teams for the Merrimack Thanksgiving Basket Drive, Mack Gives Back, and Relay for Life. 

Additional HSC Responsibilities:

Joining HSC

Committee Members

Any Honors student can serve as a committee member on the HSC committees, which include: Service/Civic Engagement, Academics/Program Development, Events/Programming, General Committee, Public Relations, and Enrichment. Interested students can express their interest to the HSC Executive Board. However, at the beginning of each academic year, the Honors Community will be notified of information in joining the Honors Student Council. Students should commit to participating in the committee for a full academic year, with their position beginning towards the end of the Fall semester.

Leadership Board

Midway through the Spring semester interested students can campaign to become a leadership position on the Honors Student Council. These positions include Chair, Co-Chair, Officer, and Assistant Officer. These positions will be elected via HSC member voting and/or selection by the Chair and Co-Chair. Once elected, the newly elected Chair and Co-Chair will accept applications from existing HSC members in becoming committee officer, assistant officers, or secretary. The Chair and Co-Chair will interview and select the officers and assistant officers to serve on the HSC for the following academic year. Please see the HSC Bylaws for more extensive information regarding the election process, and other information about the Honors Student Council.