Executive Team

Maria's Headshot

Maria D’Auria ’20

Hometown: Lewiston, Maine
Major: Marketing
School: Girard School of Business

Constantina's Headshot

Constantina (Nadia) Stavrou ’21
Co-chair for Community Engagement

Hometown: Salem, NH
Major: Biology
School: School of Science and Engineering

Amanda Carey

Amanda Carey ’21 
Co-chair for Student Engagement (Fall 2019)

Hometown: Westford, MA
Major: Accounting/Corporate Finance & Investments
School: Girard School of Business

Joe LeDuc ’22

Co-chair for Student Engagement (Spring 2020)

Hometown: Marlborough, MA
Major: Electrical Engineering 
School: School of Science and Engineering

Marina Wright

Marina Wright ’20

Hometown:  Foxborough, MA
Major: Biology/EVSS
School: School of Science and Engineering

Leadership Team

The Honors Student Council leadership team is composed of various committees that focus on specific areas of programming or advocacy. Each committee is headed by an officer and assistant officer.

All members are responsible for coordinating, executing and attending to all agreed-upon aspects of their respective committees. Committee membership is subject to change at the discretion of the chair and co-chairs upon the beginning of their terms.

Academic/Program Development

Kira Cameron ’21, Officer

Jessica D’Entremont ’22, Assistant Officer 

Jessica Van Heynigan ’22

Dache Barros ’23


Quinn O’Sullivan ’20, Officer

Hannah LaDuke ’20, Assistant Officer

Tiffany Costello ’20

Khaled Ibrahim ’22

Katherine Kelly-Coviello ’23

Nicholas Dee ’23

Amanda McVey ’23

Public Relations

Alexandra Wolf ’20, Officer

Katie Clark ’20, Assistant Officer

Julia Washburn ’22

Olivia Barbale ’23

Service/Civic Engagement

Meghan Hawley ’21, Officer

Jessica Agolli ’22, Assistant Officer 

Christina Capone ’20

Riley Groll ’20

Madison Fornwalt ’23

Isabella Ozga ’23


Samantha Frey ’21, Officer

Shai Bigelow ’21, Assistant Officer

Victoria Evans ’20

Molly McKean ’21

Lucy Colarusso ’21

Cailey MacEachern ’23