2015 – Chicago, IL


  • Kerry Johnson, PhD, Interim Honors Program Director
  • Lisa Cavallaro*, Honors Program Manager
  • Kate Culverhouse*, 2016
  • Joe Fisher*, 2017
  • Molly Malinowski*, 2017
  • Megan Carignan*, 2017
  • Alison Tobin, 2018
  • Michael Santoro, 2018

* denotes presenter

NCHC 2015 - Chicago, IL
Student Representatives who attended the NCHC 2015 - Chicago, IL


“Managing the Cubs and the Bears: The Importance of Peer Mentors for First-Year Students”

Presenters: Joe Fisher (2017), Kate Culverhouse (2016), and Molly Malinowski (2017)

The Merrimack College Honors Peer Mentoring Program connects first-year honors students with honors upperclassmen who serve as a resource, liaison, and role model. After implementing this program, student directors have organized online peer mentor bios, mentor selection and training, and the first-year mentor matching processes. This presentation will discuss these processes, as well as mentor and mentee feedback, and will give insightful information for institutions that seek to develop a peer mentoring program. Details

“Branding an Honors Program through Intentional Marketing”

Presenters:  Lisa Cavallaro, Megan Carignan (2017), Alison Tobin (2018), and Michael Santoro (2018) 

Program Manager Lisa Cavallaro, Megan Carignan (2017), Alison Tobin (2018), and Michael Santoro (2018) presented on how to develop an internal PR strategy coupled with student-led marketing initiatives.  Their strategy has proven effective in branding, promoting, and establishing the Honors Program on campus, as well as strengthening the honors community.

“What makes an award winning newsletter?”

Megan Carignan (2017), Editor of the In the Company of Friends Honors newsletter, was a contributor to this presentation since Merrimack received 2nd place in the division of student print edition.  The workshop focused on what makes a winning newsletter as determined by the 2015 NCHC Contest overseen by the NCHC Publications Board.  

Megan Carignan (2017) and Alison Tobin (2018)  Editor of the on-line version of In the Company Friends accepted the award at the NCHC ceremony on Saturday, November 14 at 6pm. 

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