Honors Program

2016 – Seattle, WA


  • Kerry Johnson*, PhD, Honors Program Director
  • Lisa Cavallaro*, Honors Program Manager
  • Joe Fisher*, 2017
  • Molly Malinowski*, 2017
  • Megan Carignan*, 2017
  • Alison Tobin*, 2018
  • Brianna Butler*, 2017
  • Erika Caires, 2019
  • Kerri McCarthy, 2018

* denotes presenter

NCHC 2016 - Seattle, WA


Building engagement through honors communities and partnerships

Presenters: Joe Fisher ’17, Molly Malinowski ’17

Description: Established partnerships with student-led programs such as our honors peer mentoring program and honors student council have proven effective in building integrated communities. These communities have created avenues for leadership, service, and involvement. This session will discuss several implementations that build strong, cohesive and vital honors communities beyond the academic realm.

Honors Peer Mentoring — Processes, Structure, and Support

Presenters: Dr. Kerry Johnson, Joe Fisher ’17, Molly Malinowski ’17

Description: The honors peer mentoring program connects first-year students with upperclassmen, and has continually grown and developed into its fourth year. Student directors have created an online system that connects all facets of the program including peer mentor bios, mentor selection and training materials, and serves as the mentee matching system. This presentation discusses these processes, collected research data, and gives ideas for those seeking help in this realm. More

Attracting and Retaining Honors Students

Presenters: Dr. Kerry Johnson, Megan Carignan ’17, Brianna Butler ’17

Description: This session will overview an extensive research project determining the value an Honors Program adds to a college, and what aspects of Honors Programs will be appealing to prospective students. In addition, we will explore what happens once a student decides on a college and to be a part of an Honors Program, what makes him/her love it, or what changes would s/he would want to make.

Increasing and Retaining Student Involvement within the Program

Presenters: Lisa Cavallaro, Megan Carignan ’17, Alison Tobin ’18

Description: At Merrimack College, participation in Honors Program events and leadership positions has remained strong despite the many activities students involve themselves in outside of the Program. We will complete and utilize research in order to demonstrate the best social media platforms for marketing, the techniques to attract students to leadership positions, and the strategies for high student participation. This session will discuss the best ways to strengthen student involvement in the Program, especially in connection with marketing and distribution.

Knowing Your Institution: Recruitment from the Ground Up

Presenters: Rebecca Oliver, Arkansas State University; Thomas Spencer, Eastern Illinois University; Lisa Cavallaro, Merrimack College; Jeff Chamberlain, Grand Valley State University

Description: Seattle’s Space Needle has the perfect metaphor for Honors recruiting. The view from the ground up is much different than the vista at the top. Strategies for successful recruiting in a challenging higher education landscape will be shared and discussed among participants and a diverse group of presenters.