2018- Boston, MA


  • Ellen McWhorter*, PhD, Honors Program Director
  • Lisa Cavallaro, Honors Program Manager
  • Karly Bowen*, 2020
  • Katie Clark, 2020
  • Maria D’Auria*, 2020
  • Samantha Evans, 2022
  • Taylor Galusha, 2020
  • Luke Groder, 2022
  • Joseph LeDuc, 2022
  • Leslie Lima*, 2021
  • Jasmine Meade, 2022
  • Quinn O’Sullivan, 2020
  • Arpi Parseghian, 2020
  • Samantha Pineo*, 2019
  • Hannah Reilly, 2021
  • Sterling Seymour, 2021
  • Erika Torkildsen, 2021
  • Sarah Vita, 2019
  • Angela Walukevich, 2021
  • Alexandra Wolf, 2020

* denotes presenter

NCHC Conferences 2018- Boston, MA


Wellness and Adventure in Honors

Format: General Session
Presenters: Dr. Ellen McWhorter, Karly Bowen ’20, Maria D’Auria ’20, Leslie Lima ’21

Description:  This session explores the importance for honors students of achieving a state of optimal wellness of body and mind.  We will present the results of a survey that investigates student wellness patterns and discuss how honors programs can enact initiatives that model and support wellness.

Rationalizing the Death Penalty 

Format: Student Interdisciplinary Research Panels
Presenter:  Samantha Pineo ’19

Description: This project asks if capital punishment can be rationalized through Constitutional Law. After extensive research, I argue that it cannot be. I look at the constitution through the lens of a moral reading, case law, and the methods of execution, and then take two objections to my argument.

Student Life