Florence, Italy

As the composer of the Renaissance, Florence steered the world out of the Middle Ages and into the Modern Era, securing its position as a globally impactful city. This juxtaposition is strongly apparent in the smallest details of everyday life, be it a mini car parked next to the iconic Duomo, or grabbing sushi or a kebab with friends before attending a calcio match (an early form of football). Yet Florence is still quintessentially Italian, as you feel while you sip espresso and eat a pastry at a café, or dine al fresco on pizza in a sunlit piazza.

CAPA International Education

Merrimack students study abroad in Florence through CAPA, a study abroad provider which organizes the program, provides full on-site support, arranges housing, orientation, excursions and more. Students studying abroad in Florence will take courses at The CAPA Center in Florence located in the Palazzo Galli-Tassi in the Sana Croce artisan neighborhood of Florence. All of Florence’s attractions, markets, museums, and galleries are a short walk from the centrally located. The center provides everything students need including a library, media room, Wi-Fi, computer lab, and access to a fine arts studio.


All students receive full credit for courses and internships completed. Students receive credit from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Students typically take between 5-6 courses.

  • Most courses are 3 credits each
  • 3-6 credit internship opportunities! * Four semesters of Italian Language required.
  • Students are not required to take Italian language courses but it is strongly recommended in order to enhance their cultural experience of Italy.


CAPA arranges housing on the behalf of Merrimack students. Merrimack students reside either through a home stay with an Italian family, or in typical Florentine apartments scattered throughout the city.

Program Requirements

  • GPA Requirement: minimum GPA is 2.8 with preference given to those with a GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • Students must be in good disciplinary standing
  • Open to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

Program Start & End Date

  • Fall 2017: 9/8/17-12/16/17

Application Deadlines: 

  • Fall 2017: Friday, March 10th, 2017

How to apply:

We are now accepting Fall 2017 applications. Apply Here!


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