Merrimack offers students the opportunity to participate in a short-term global program led by Merrimack faculty. In Embedded Global Courses (EGC), students take a semester course with a Spring break or May term portion overseas. In intensive Global Courses (IGC), students take 4-8 credits during May term. 

Embedded Global Courses (EGC)


Higher Education Policy and Practice in Ireland (HE Graduate Program), Dr. Elaine Ward

This course on Higher Education Policy and Practice in Ireland enables graduate education students to examine in person the issues of practice and policy studied over the course of the spring semester. During spring break the class will visit to three to five higher education institutions in Ireland – Dublin, Galway and Cork over the course of spring break. Students will learn about the national structure of higher education in Ireland and driving national policy. We will examine issues of access and equity, student engagement and experience, community engagement, resident life, and student services and affairs in Irish higher education. We will have an opportunity to see how students are supported through visits to student affairs offices at a variety of Irish institutions. We will learn about policy through visits to the Higher Education Authority, which is the national regulatory body as well at the Irish University Association, the representative body for Irish Universities. Students will draw comparisons between higher education policy and student affairs practice in Ireland and in the United States.


Crossing Borders: Sociology of Immigration in Germany, Prof. Daniel Herda

The entire immigration process—from deciding to leave one’s home country, to crossing of international borders, to establishing oneself in a new host country, to being received by the host population, to acquiring citizenship and “assimilating”—is a complex and challenging one. It is, moreover, a process with daily relevance for the world in which we live. SOC 3650  - Crossing Borders: The Sociology of Immigration analyzes all aspects of immigration through sociological lens. The course begins by examining immigrants originating from all over the world with a primary focus on migration to the United States and Western Europe as destination countries. The course will also consider both historical and contemporary examples and case studies to illustrate the most important theories and concepts. 

For the practical examination of the sociology of immigration, the course travels to Berlin in May (after the close of the spring semester) where we will be able to compare and contrast the history, realities, and challenges of immigration in Germany to those of the U.S. Fulfills Cultural Diversity (D), Experiential Learning (X), or Social Science (SOSC).


Writing Through War to Peace: Images and Narratives of the Troubles and Beyond in Northern Ireland, Dr. Kathleen S. Cain

Writing Through War to Peace: Images and Narratives of the Troubles and Beyond in Northern Ireland introduces students to the images and narratives that tell the story of a war-torn province slowly transforming itself into a thriving, peaceful community where men who once pointed guns at each other now escort tourists through the streets of Belfast, the city that Patrick calls “the greatest place in the world to live.” Prior to our 10-days in Ireland, you will experience and respond to fiction, memoirs, diaries, historical accounts, films, and guest speakers. On site, you will visit murals and other sites relevant to The Troubles, meet with private citizens and public figures who have written about the period, and write/present your own responses to what you have witnessed. By the time you return home, you will appreciate the power of history as told through the words and images of the people who live it. Satisfies a Humanities distribution requirement. Fulfills Cultural Diversity (D) or Experiential Learning (X) in LS core.


Pellegrinaggio in Italia, Dr. Joseph Kelley

RTS2425 Pellegrinaggio in Italia: This course is a study of St. Augustine of Hippo as well as an exploration of the origin of the Augustinians, the religious order which bears his name. After weekly preparatory seminars, students journey to Augustinian Italy to examine, first hand, sites of importance in Augustine’s life and in the origin and early history of the Augustinian friars. This experience provides active, engaged learning through dialogue among a community of friends. The course offers a number of inter-disciplinary opportunities involving art, architecture, archaeology, literature and history associated with Augustine in 4th-5th century Italy and with the history of the Augustinians in medieval and renaissance Italy. Being a pilgrim will enhance the student’s search for the wisdom that can result from a deeper understanding of self, others and God—the search which captivated the life of Augustine. The weekly seminars meet all throughout the spring semester both before and after the journey itself takes place during spring break. Prerequisite: RTS 1100.  Fulfills Arts and Literature (AL) or Experiential Learning (X) in the LS Core.



Intensive Global Courses (IGC)


Summer Intensive Program in San Gimignano, Italy

Students who participate in this summer intensive program will take two, 4 credit courses taught by Merrimack faculty. San Gimignano is one of the most notable and charming locations in Tuscany. The famous towers have contributed to its nickname, “Medieval Manhattan:. While living in San Gimignano, students will appreciate Benozzo Gozzoli’s frescoes of Augustine and enjoy stargazing at night. Courses are instructed in English; no Italian language is required. 2017 Courses: FAA3650 The World of Michelangelo, Dr. Ellen Longsworth, and MEN3080 Roman Engineering, Dr. John Gallagher