I highly recommend the Pellegrinaggio trip to all those willing to participate.  This pilgrimage has by far been one of the most influential experiences in my college career.  Not only did I learn all about our Augustinian heritage and values here at Merrimack, but I also made many wonderful friends.  This life changing experience is a great way for any traveler, young or old to study abroad and embark on a memorable journey. 
-Alisha Wilkinson ’12, Biology, Pellegrinaggio XI

As a Theology major at Merrimack College, I found the Pellegrinaggio to be informative as well as spiritual. Our Augustinian roots stretch farther then just the United States and those who attend this trip realize that. I can now say that I have an adequate knowledge of my Augustinian heritage and  believe those who have not attended this pilgrimage are not benefiting from the true Augustinian spirituality, which places love at the center of Christian life. Those who do attend this pilgrimage encounter an overwhelming presence of God everywhere which makes ones joy well up in a heart reborn to new life. Augustine through this pilgrimage and our College speaks to our restless hearts, so that we may find rest in God.
Tim Iannacone ’12, Theology Major, Pellegrinaggio XI