Advisory Board

Please see our listing of advisory board members for the Interdisciplinary Institute at Merrimack College.

Mark Allman, Professor of Religious and Theological Studies, Associate Dean, School of Liberal Arts

Cynthia Carlson, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Department, School of Science and Engineering

Cinzia DiGiulio, Associate Professor, World Languages and Cultural Studies 

Laura Hsu, Assistant Professor, Human Development

Susan Marine, Associate Professor and Program Director, Higher Education Program

Ellen McWhorter, Associate Professor of English and Director, Honors Program Associate Professor of English

Debra Michals, Assistant Professor and Director, Women’s and Gender Studies

Luis Saenz de Viguera Erkiaga, Associate Professor and Chair of World Languages & Cultural Studies, Director of Social Justice

Patricia Sendall, Professor, Information Systems, Girard School of Business

Simona Sharoni, Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies, Director

Zi Yan, Associate Professor, School of Health Sciences