2017-2018 Grant Recipients




Dr. Debra Michals

WGS 3000: Cultural Perspectives on Gender, Race, and Leadership

Course Based

  • Dr. Katelyn Kurkul
  • Dr. Roselita Fragoudakis
  • Dr. Nancy Wynn

Breaking Down Biases with Toys

Student-Faculty Research Collaboration/Faculty Collaboration

Dr. Susan Marine

The ‘’Chilly” Classroom(?): A 21st Century exploration

Student-Faculty Research Collaboration/ New Course Grant

Dr. Christy Pottroff

American Witches: In Salem and on Screen

Course Based

  • Dr. Allison Seitchik
  • Dr. Alicia Malone

Bias in Decisions to Shoot a Target.

Student-Faculty Research Project

  • Dr. Cynthia Carlson
  • Dr. Paula Bordogna

MTH 1016 and GEN 1001 Class Cohort

Interdisciplinary Team Teaching: Cohort Model

Dr. Ray Lavoie

Revision of MKT 3355: Consumer Behavior

Course Based

  • Dan Vlahos
  • Dr. Christopher Stuetzle

Collaborative Projects between Computer Science and Graphic Design

Faculty Collaboration

Dr. Melissa Zimdars

Television, Fat Stigma, and the “Obesity Epidemic”

Student-faculty Research Collaboration

Emma Duffy-Comparone

FYW 1050: The Philosophy of Meat

Course Based

  • Dr. Autumn Ridenour
  • Dr. Lisa Fuller

Creation of Bioethics Minor

Faculty Collaboration


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