Minor in Digital Media Production

Digital media production minors must complete five courses for a total of 20 credits. 

The Digital Media Production Minor emphasizes hands-on, experiential learning in Merrimack’s video and audio production spaces, the Mac Lab and out in the field. You will learn about current media production operations and various skills, such as pre-production planning, shot composition, lighting, recording audio, using cameras both out in the field and in the studio, and post-production editing techniques.


  • COM2401 Introduction to Media

Four Core Courses:

  • COM3424 Pre and Post-Production
  • COM3423 Field Production
  • COM3322 Radio Production
  • COM3422 TV Production
  • COM3450 Basic Digital Photography

You may substitute one of the above core courses with an alternative course: 

  • COM3360 Visual Communication
  • COM3420 The Film Experience
  • COM3586 Sports Communication
  • FAA2840 Image Making and Meaning 
  • FAA2850Moviemaking 
  • FAA2830 Introduction to Type and Graphic Design 

You can take these courses in any order; however, it is recommended that you begin with Introduction to Media and Pre and Post-Production