The Certificate Program in Interfaith Spirituality consists of 16 credit hours.

4 Core Credits (choose any one of the four core courses)

  • RTS5010- Introduction to Spirituality
  • RTS5020- Christian Spirituality
  • RTS5030- Spirituality and Social Justice 
  • RTS5040- Spirituality in a Religiously Diverse World

Seminar in the Spiritual Life (RTS5600)

  • An 8-credit intensive two-semester seminar course addressing basic skills and ethics that are foundational for the spiritual life

Independent Research (RTS5750)

  • 4-credit research component in a second religious or spiritual tradition (see below*)

Credit Summary:

  • 4 core-course credits (one CORE course)
  • 8 credit Seminar
  • 4 credit independent research
  • Total 16 credits

*Suggested topics for independent research in a second religious or spiritual tradition:

  • Christian Traditions of the Spiritual Life
  • Augustinian Spirituality
  • Jewish Mysticism
  • Sufi Spirituality
  • Hindu Spiritual Experience
  • Buddhism and Spiritual Practice
  • Spirituality and Social Ethics
  • Spirituality and Psychopathology
  • The Spirituality of 12 Step Programs
  • Gender and Spirituality
  • Grief and Spirituality
  • The Spirituality of Elder Years