Graduate Assistantships

Descriptions of available positions for 2018-19:

Care and Wellness Assistant:
The graduate assistant will work in the Dean of Students Office and assist with the facilitation of Merrimack College’s Crisis Assessment, Response, and Evaluation (CARE) system, which includes individual student outreach/support, case management, promotion/awareness of the CARE team, and training others to use the CARE system. Position responsibilities are:

  • Plan, execute, and assess student programming on mental health and wellbeing, including occasionally offering programs in residential areas during nights and weekends.
  • Host trainings and workshops for faculty, staff, and students across campus on topics such as mindfulness, stress reduction, mental health, and wellness.
  • Promote the use of CARE with key campus partners through education and training.
  • Participate in the review of weekly CARE reports through the Advocate database.
  • Assist in the overall case management of CARE reports.
  • Conduct outreach and triage of student cases.

Success Coach:
Alongside the professional staff, the graduate assistant will work as a success coach with a focus on academic success. She/he will be responsible for assisting the team in the mission of promoting the success of entering freshmen whose histories suggest a need for focused attention to meet the demands of higher education. The graduate assistant will help students transition between high school and college. She/he will help the students develop skills such as critical thinking and reading, writing, time management strategies, goal setting, and discipline through one-on-one meetings, workshops, and guided study time focused on coursework. The graduate assistant will be mentored by the Dean and Associate Dean of Student Success, given appropriate training, and work alongside the ASC team throughout the year. Responsibilities are:

  • ​Provide support, motivation, and guidance to students.
  • ​Assist in organization/execution of projects geared towards academic readiness among first year freshmen.
  • ​Meet with students one-on-one for academic success coaching meetings, and maintain outreach and communication with the students through e-mail and other electronic communication.
  • ​Meet regularly with the Dean or Associate Dean, including attending academic success coaching training sessions as well as program meetings.
  • ​Act as a point of communication between the students and college-wide support personnel.
  • ​Maintain a team attitude and complete any/all duties and tasks as assigned.

Additional qualifications: Interest in college readiness, developmental education, and student retention, including student services and support.