A total of five courses and 20 credits are required for the minor in European history.

Required Courses (complete both)

HIS 1119

The European Experience: Antiquity to the Reformation

HIS 1120

The European Experience: Early Modern to the Present

Electives (choose three)

HIS 3350

Ancient History

HIS 3355     

Barbarians and Holy Men: The History of Late Antiquity

HIS 3360

Medieval Civilization

HIS 3370

Renaissance, Reformation, and Exploration

HIS 3376

Era of the French Revolution and Napoleon

HIS 3378

History of Modern Britain

HIS 3380

Science, Technology, and Society

HIS 3390

Modern European Social History

HIS 3391

Women in Modern European History

HIS 3401

Nineteenth-Century Europe

HIS 3410

Twentieth-Century Europe

HIS 3412

Hitler, Mussolini, and the Fascist Challenge in Europe, 1900-1950

HIS 3470

History of Imperial Russia

HIS 3471

From Lenin to Putin: History of Twentieth-Century Russia