A total of five courses and 20 credits are required for the minor in U.S. history.

Required Courses (complete both)

HIS 1106        

U.S. History I: From Pre-Contact through the Civil War and Reconstruction

HIS 1107

U.S. History II: From Reconstruction to the Present

Electives (choose three)

HIS 3320 

The American City

HIS 3325   

History Outside the Classroom: The Practice of Public History

HIS 3326

Building America: History of American Architecture

HIS 3425

Contemporary United States History

HIS 3426

African-American History from Slave Trade to the Present

HIS 3434

Revolutionary America, 1760-1800

HIS 3435

The Peoples of Early America

HIS 3437

Civil War and Reconstruction

HIS 3438

History of the Early American Republic, 1800-1848

HIS 3525

Environmental History of North America