A total of five courses and 20 credits are required for the minor in world history.

Required Courses (complete both)

HIS 1130

World History until the Sixteenth Century

HIS 1131

World History Since 1500

Electives (choose three)

HIS 3330

World History Post 1945

HIS 3331  

Slaves and Spice: A History of the Indian Ocean

HIS 3335

World Environmental History, 1300-Present

HIS 3550

HIS 3365

Global Empires, Race, and Nature, 1750-1945

The History of Muslim Communities, 600-1600

HIS 3366

History of the Modern Middle East

HIS 3439     

Slavery and Race in Early Modern Atlantic World, 1400-1800

HIS 3440

Survey of Latin American History