A New Approach

The Interdisciplinary Institute embraces the potential for new knowledge, new ways of understanding and new insights on complex questions that can come from integrating the theoretical and methodological approaches of more than one field of study.

To address the pressing and complicated questions of the 21st century, the work of this institute combines the research approaches, skills and perspectives of such fields as visual and performing arts; history; philosophy; psychology; sociology; economics; women’s and gender studies; biology; and many others.

The institute similarly embraces work that recognizes the importance of intersectionality (the way in which various political, social and cultural identities shape experience and knowledge) and social justice.

The hallmark of the institute is collaboration. It is committed to bringing together existing faculty with renowned global visiting scholars. It creates opportunities for sharing work, ideas and visions for creative problem-solving. Through its various programs, it enables faculty and students to engage with researchers and concepts that will expand their realities and experiences (ways of knowing and experiencing the world).

The goal is that by interacting with the institute, faculty and students will have opportunities to become better problem solvers as our unique world is ever changing. It will also enable them to work effectively and efficiently with others who have different views and ideas. Finally, students and faculty will be motivated to be better activists, learners, communicators and members of their communities.