Political Science Minor

As a political science student, you’ll develop a strong understanding of government systems in the United States and around the world.  

You’ll explore political movements and the role of public policy, political processes and comparative politics in society. You’ll also engage in discussions on ethics and the law, international relations and public opinion, while gaining writing, communication, analytical and data skills. 

What is political science?
According to the American Political Science Association, political science is the study of governments, public policies and political processes, systems and political behavior. When you invest time in learning about government systems, you broaden your knowledge of the world and learn to think critically and independently.


The political science minor consists of five courses.  There are two required courses and three elective courses (18 credit minimum).

You may tailor your minor by selecting elective courses based on your own interests or career goals.

Required courses (complete both)

POL 1100 Politics of the United States
POL 1500 Comparative Politics

Electives (choose three)

POL 1400 Politics of Public Policy
POL 1900 International Politics (formerly POL 2510)
POL 2000 Political Science Methods
POL 2010 Political Ethics
POL 2120 Government, Business & Law
POL 2121 Intro to Public Administration
POL 2122 Law and Society
POL 2181 American Political Thought
POL 2200 Globalization
POL 2300 The Politics of Food
POL 2581 Intro to Political Theory
POL 3112 Congress and the Legislative Process
POL 3113 The American Presidency
POL 3122 Issues in Public Policy
POL 3130 Campaigns and Elections
POL 3140 Mass Media and American Politics
POL 3141 Political Communication
POL 3150 Criminal Law
POL 3151 American Constitutional Law
POL 3152 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
POL 3153 Politics & Religion
POL 3160 United States Foreign Policy
POL 3161 Politics of Immigration and Human Movement
POL 3171 Music and Politics
POL 3520 Modern China
POL 3525 Politics of the Middle East
POL 3530 Democracy, Development and Violence
POL 3531 Politics of Developing Nations
POL 3540 International Political Economy
POL 3541 Cyber Security
POL 4599W Issues and Cases in U.S. Foreign Policy

Additional Notes

  • Only two political science courses may be double counted between a political science minor and an international studies major.
  • Only two political science courses may be double counted between a political science minor and a pre-law minor.