The Public Policy minor is designed to allow students to develop an understanding of public policy and administration as a field of academic study and an area of professional practice.  You can take electives that tailor your minor to your own interests and career pathway.

This program focuses on the evolution of public policy and public administration as an academic discipline and a profession in the real world. The course of study will include the context in which public policy-making takes place, the acquisition and application of techniques of policy analysis, the meaning of public service in a democratic society, and the importance of personal and professional ethics.

The Public Policy minor consists of five courses.  There are two required courses and three electives (18 credit minimum):

Required Courses:

POL 1400 Politics of Public Policy
POL 2121  Public Administration

Elective Courses:

At least two elective courses must be taken from these options from PS & PP.  A third elective may come from the PS & PP options OR the related College-wide courses from the following list.

Electives from Political Science & Public Policy:

POL 1900 International Politics (formerly POL 2510)
POL 2000 Political Science Methods
POL 2010 Political Ethics
POL 2120 Government, Business & Law
POL 2200 Globalization
POL 2300 The Politics of Food
POL 3111 Massachusetts State and Local Government
POL 3112 Congress and The Legislative Process
POL 3113 The American Presidency
 POL 3122 Issues in Public Policy
 POL 3160 United States Foreign Policy OR POL 4599 – Issues and Cases in United States Foreign Policy
POL 3161 Politics of Immigration and Human Movement
POL 3541  Cyber Security: The Intersection of Technology and Policy
 POL 4850 Public Service Internship OR POL 4851 - Public Service Summer Internship OR POL 4852 - Public Service Fall or Spring Internship (A maximum of four internship credits can be counted toward the minor.)**

College- wide Electives (only one allowed):

COM 4132 Mass Media and American Politics*
COM 4222 Political Communication*
ECO 1204 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 1225 Economics of Gender*
ECO 2202 Intermediate Macroeconomics*
ECO 3303 Economic Development*
ECO 3305 Ecological Economics*
ECO 3306 International Economics*
ECO 3307 Labor Economics*
ECO 3311 Public Finance*
ECO 3313 Econometrics*
 ESS 3550 Environmental Policy***
HSC 3103 Global Public Health****
PHL 3060 Justice in Health and Health Care
 SOC 3625 Crossing Borders: Sociology of Immigration
 SOC 3650 Sociology of Immigration

Additional Notes:

Only two Political Science courses may be double-counted between a Public Policy minor and an International Studies major.

Only two Political Science courses may be double-counted between a Public Policy minor and a Political Science major.

* Course has prerequisites
** Faculty consent required
*** Junior standing or faculty consent required
**** School consent required if not HSC minor or major