Interested in Law?

The pre-law minor is for you if you are interested in attending law school, plan to pursue a law-related career or would like to learn about the law for professional or personal reasons.

The courses in the minor will:

  • Help you confirm your interest in pursuing a legal career.
  • Enhance critical-thinking, analytical and other skills you’ll need in law school.
  • Provide insight into how lawyers think about and analyze legal issues.
  • Expose you to the Socratic method and to law school’s unique approach to studying the law.
  • Give you a good foundation to be competitive in law school.

Even if you do not plan to attend law school, the minor will give you practical information about the legal system and legal topics that will be useful in your career and personal life.

Pre-Law Advising

Merrimack’s pre-law adviser, Professor Robert Chwaliszewski, is your primary contact for information on law school and careers in law. 

Professor Chwaliszewski will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your interests, provide individualized advice on the law school admissions process, make course recommendations and offer law career counseling. 

Periodic information sessions held by Professor Chwaliszewski provide information on the LSATs and the law school admission process, and will help you with transcript requests and acquiring letters of recommendation. In addition, Professor Chwaliszewski maintains a library of useful resources, materials and contacts.

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