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Religious and Theological Studies

Alumna Profile

Class of 2009
Religious and Theological Studies/Philosophy Major

Christine Mitchell, a religious and theological studies and philosophy major, has a strong desire to bring global issues to the forefront of people’s minds.

As a dedicated member of Merrimack’s Justice and Peace Coalition, Christine participated in a number of events to help those in need one town over, and others who are on the other side of the planet.

Merrimack offered Christine several avenues for spiritual outreach and she made the most of it through volunteering at soup kitchens, organizing global events, and singing in Merrimack’s Music Ministry program.

“The most powerful contribution to my growth and desire to seek justice are the experiences I’ve had doing service through Merrimack,” said Christine. “At the soup kitchens, we get to know the people that eat there by name; we see them every week, we know their stories. They’re not just some random people we’re serving - Working at the soup kitchens gives poverty a face. These experiences renew my desire to work for justice.”

Christine, who would eventually like to teach college level theology, realized the depth of her spirituality at Merrimack. “My faith and my passion for justice and for service has been nurtured and developed through the support and encouragement of the community of like-minded people I have found at Merrimack  - in my friends, campus ministry, and my professors, all of whom are constantly awakening me to new ideas.”
Christine is a student at Harvard Divinity School.