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Religious & Theological Studies

Meet the Religious and Theological Studies Faculty and Staff

Books published recently


Mark Allman, ed, The Almighty and the Dollar: Reflections on Economic Justice for All (Anselm Academic, 2012)


Rebecca Norris, ed., Religion and the Body: Modern Science and the Construction of Religious Meaning (Brill, 2012) (co-edited with David Cave)



Mark Allman, After the Smoke Clears: Jus Post Bellum and the Just War Theory (Orbis Publishing, 2010) (co-authored with Tobias Winwright)


Joseph Kelley, Saint Augustine of Hippo: Selections from Confessions and Other Essential Writings-Annotated and Explained (SkyLight Paths Publications, 2010)


Rebecca Norris, Toying with God: The World of Religious Games and Dolls (Baylor, 2010) (co-authored with Nikki Bado-Fralick)


Mark Allman, Who Would Jesus Kill? War, Peace & the Christian Tradition (St. Mary’s Press, 2008)


Joseph Kelley, 101 Questions and Answers on Prayer (Paulist Press, 2008)


Warren Kay, Running—The Sacred Art (SkyLight Paths, 2007)