Abrahamic Faiths

Religion is one of the great motivators of human behavior, along with sex, money and power. Sometimes people do amazing or horrific things in the name of their god(s). 

When you minor in Interreligious Relations, you’ll study how these three great Abrahamic faiths have interacted over the centuries, not simply out of an interest in history, but also out of concern for our future.

Minor Requirements

The Interreligious Relations minor consists of five courses and interfaith justice work.

Required Courses (complete all three)

RTS 1XXX Any introductory RTS course (1000-level)
RTS 2950 Ethics in the Abrahamic Tradition
RTS 3750  Christians and Jews: Conflicts and Reconciliations

Electives (choose two, focusing on two different traditions)

Inside the Religious and Theological Studies Department

RTS 2100 Judaism
RTS 2150 Islam
RTS 2200 Introduction to Hebrew Scripture
RTS 2300  Introduction to the New Testament
RTS 2400 Sex, Politics, Religion and St. Augustine
RTS 2425 Pellegrinaggio in Italia: In Search of Augustinian Community
RTS 2450 History of Christian Thought
RTS 2800 Social Ethics: Christian Perspectives
RTS 2810 Sex, Marriage, Family and Work
RTS 2820 Bioethics and Healthcare: Theological Approaches
RTS 2990 Special Topics in Religious Studies
RTS 3000 Buddhism and Islam: Body and Belief
RTS 3200 God in the Hebrew Bible
RTS 3210 Gender and the Bible
RTS 3400 American Catholicism
RTS 3600 The Roman Catholic Church
RTS 3610 Sacramental Theology
RTS 3650 Death and Dying in History, Religion and Society
RTS 3710  Theology through Women’s Eyes
RTS 3750  Christians and Jews: Conflicts and Reconciliations
RTS 3800  Having Heroes: Their Lives and Yours
RTS 3850 War and Peace: Religious Perspectives
RTS 4400 St. Augustine Seminar

Outside the Religious and Theological Studies Department

COM 3231  Intercultural Communication 
FAA 2630 The Art of the Middle Ages
HIS 3365 The History of Muslim Communities, 600-1600

Note: All minors engage with Jews, Christians, Muslims and others, in active interfaith work promoting social, political and economic justice.