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Religious and Theological Studies

Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations Minor

Religious ignorance is a luxury no one can afford. Religion (like sex, money and power) is one of the great motivators of human behavior. People do amazing and horrific things all in the name of their god(s).  Those who minor in Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations study how these three great faiths have interacted over the centuries, not simply out of an interest in history, but also out of concern for our future.

The Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations minor consists of 5 courses and interfaith justice work.

There are three required components:

  • Required courses
    • RTS 1100 Christianity in Context (offered every term);
    • RTS 2950 Ethics in the Abrahamic Tradition (usually offered in the Fall term); and
    • RTS 3760  Theology & History of Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations (usually offered in the Spring term).
  • The remaining two courses are electives drawn from a broad range of relevant studies. Some of the electives are outside of the Religious & Theological Studies Department. The two electives must focus on two different traditions. 
    • RTS 2100 Judaism
    • RTS 2150 Islam
    • RTS 2200 Introduction to Hebrew Scriptures
    • RTS 2300 Introduction to the New Testament
    • RTS 2400 St. Augustine
    • RTS 2425 Pellegrinaggio in Italia (a study-travel course)
    • RTS 2450 History of Christian Thought
    • RTS 2800 Social Ethics: Christian Perspectives
    • RTS 2810 Marriage & Family
    • RTS 2900 Holocaust: Theology, Reality & Aftermath
    • RTS 2990 Special Topics: Women in Islam
    • RTS 3000 Buddhism & Islam: Body & Belief
    • RTS 3200 God in the Hebrew Bible
    • RTS 3210 Gender & the Bible
    • RTS 3350 Reading Scripture after the Holocaust
    • RTS 3400 American Catholicism
    • RTS 3425 Augustine & Algeria (a study-travel course)
    • RTS 3600 The Roman Catholic Church
    • RTS 3610 Sacramental Theology
    • RTS 3620 Theology of the Virgin Mary
    • RTS 3650 Death & Dying in History, Religion, and Society
    • RTS 3710 Theology through Women’s Eyes
    • RTS 3750 Christians & Jews: Conflicts and Reconciliations
    • RTS 3800 Ethical Witnesses: Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton
    • RTS 3850 War & Peace: Religious Perspectives
    • RTS 3900 Women’s Voices in the Holocaust
    • RTS 4400 St. Augustine Seminar
    • COM 3231 Intercultural Communication 
    • FAA 2630 Art of the Middle Ages
    • SOC 3350 Alternative Approaches to Criminal Justice
    • SPA 3750 Crossing Borders (a study-travel course)
  • Finally, all minors engage with Jews, Christians, Muslims and others, in active interfaith work promoting social, political and economic justice.

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Religious & Theological Studies
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Religious & Theological Studies