For Undeclared Majors

Discover is an academic advising program for students who have not declared a major. They are often called “Undeclareds.”

Studies reveal that 20 percent to 50 percent of undergraduates come to college not knowing what they want to major in. That makes the Undeclareds one of the largest majors on campuses.

The major goal of Discover is to help students pick a major by the end of their sophomore year so they can graduate in four years. We help them accomplish this by:

  1. Identifying subjects they are interested in studying.
  2. Clarifying what they want to get out of their college experience.
  3. Thinking about what they want to do after college.
  4. Developing a plan to accomplish their goals.

Who Is It For?

Discover is for any student who hasn’t decided a major yet. But all Undeclareds are not the same. Some have just dropped a major because they know it’s not what they want, but haven’t figured out what they do want to study. Others have narrowed it down to two or three majors and want a little more time to explore. Still others have absolutely no idea what they want to study.

How Does It Work?

Starting in the first semester of your freshman year, you’ll begin meeting with a pre-advising specialist. Working in small groups and one-on-one, you’ll learn how to pick classes, plan a semester schedule, register for classes, satisfy general-education requirements and map out a course plan, one and two semesters in advance. Your pre-advising specialist is available through regular office hours, by email and for drop-in questions.

Discover students are also assigned an academic adviser, a member of the faculty who understands all of the graduation requirements and resources on campus. Discover students meet one-on-one with their academic adviser to review course schedules for upcoming semesters, but more importantly to talk with and listen to you about what courses are going well, how one chooses a major and how to prepare for life and career after college.

Additionally, Discover students are assigned a career adviser in the O’Brien Center for Career Development.

Most Discover students are placed in courses that match their interests and fulfill general-education requirements. Most are also placed in two-course clusters so that in the first semester of their first year they can more easily find study partners and make friends with other student like them.