Social Justice


Social Justice Events

Social Justice Month in April is an opportunity for the Merrimack community to learn about and discuss important social justice issues. Events are planned by faculty, students, and staff across the college. 

April 2022 Social Justice Month

We will be sponsoring a number of events to highlight the need for social justice in the world.

2022 Social Justice Month Schedule

Social Justice Week and Month Past Events

  • April 2021 Social Justice Month Schedule
  • April 2019 Social Justice Month Schedule
  • March 2018 Social Justice Week Schedule
  • April 2017 Social Justice Week Schedule
  • April 2016 Social Justice Week
    • Our “Diversify” event focused on what diversity looks like at Merrimack College and in our world. What can our community do to contribute to a more just campus climate and a more just world?

  • March 2015 Social Justice Week
    • The week included: Lectures, discussions and workshops on officer-involved shootings, public and private use of drones, drug law reform, financial exclusion, media hypocrisy, freedom of speech and more; A student dialogue dinner celebrating religious and cultural diversity; Movie screenings on race and food chains/food justice; Theatre projects on the formerly incarcerated and gender studies issues.
  • March 2014 Social Justice Month
    • Graduate students from the Community Engagement program organized a month-long social justice calendar of events.
  • March 2013 Social Justice Week Schedule