Requirements for the Minor

A minimum of 18 to 20 credits are required for the minor in women’s and gender studies.

Required Course

WGS 1010 Gender and Society 

Elective Courses

The remaining courses should be selected from women’s and gender studies courses. There is no limit on how many WGS courses can count toward the minor.

  • Only two cross-listed courses can be counted toward the minor in any single department. For example, two cross-listed courses can be counted in English and other departments that we cross list courses from. 
  • It is highly recommended that women’s and gender studies minors take at least one course beyond WGS 1010 that focuses on difference and diversity at the intersections of gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality and class.
  • Minors are also encouraged to study gender in the context of “developing” nations beyond western borders.

Difference and Diversity Courses

Recommended courses on difference and diversity include, but are not limited to, the following:

WGS 2010 Introduction to Ethnic Studies
WGS 2420 Gender, Sex and Film
WGS 2260 Southwestern Women Writers and Artists
WGS 2660 Southwest Studies
WGS 3110 Global Women’s Issues: Gender, Activism and Social Justice
WGS 3360 Fieldwork in the American Southwest: Classroom Without Walls
WGS 3250 Sex and Gender Studies
WGS 3300 U.S. Women’s History
WGS 3420 Gender, Race and the Media
WGS 3660 Southwestern Women in the U.S. 
WGS 3630 “Changing Woman:” The Reality and Myths of Native America Women


Elective Courses

The following cross-listed courses count toward the minor:

Communication Arts and Sciences
COM 4520 Gender and Communication
COM 4531 Intercultural Communication
WRT 2010W Writing Across Cultures
WRT 2020W Writing for Social Change
WRT 3700W Special Topics in Rhetoric


CRM 3050/3050W Female Deviance, Crime and Social Control
CRM 3380/3380W Race, Class and Crime
CRM 3500 Domestic Violence
CRM 3900 Incarceration

ECO 1225W  Economics of Gender

EDU 2130 Diversity, Social Justice and Ethics
EDU 2230 Applied Adolescent Psychology
EDU 3620 Cultural Diversity in the Schools
EDU 4683 Gender and Education

ENG 2750 Women and Literature
ENG 3350 Sex, Race and Empire: 1660 - 1814
ENG 3735 Hollywood’s America: Gender, Race and Class in American Cinema
ENG 3810 American Literature by Women of Color
ENG 3820 Twentieth-Century Drama and Performance by Women
ENG 3860 Beyond the Godfather: Italian American Women Writers 
ENG 3870 Literature of the Harlem Renaissance

HIS 3440 Survey of Latin American History: From Pre-Contact to the Present
HIS 3365 The History of Muslim Communities, 600-1600
HIS 3391 Women in Modern European History
HIS 3439  Slavery and Race in the Early Modern Atlantic World, 1400-1800

MGT 3355 Diversity in the Workplace

PHL 2100W Women, Ethics and Society
PHL 3010 Human Rights: Theory and Practice

Political Science
POL 4199 Women and Politics

PSY 3250 Cultural Psychology

Religious and Theological Studies
RTS 2290 Special Topics in Religious Studies
RTS 3210 Gender and the Bible
RTS 3620 Theology of the Virgin Mary
RTS 3710 Theology Through Women’s Eyes
RTS 3900

Women’s Voices in the Holocaust

SOC 2000 Social Inequality - Class, Gender and Race
SOC 3450 Sociology of the Family 
SOC 3800 Sociology of Gender

Visual and Performing Arts
FAA 2500 Women in Theatre

World Language and Cultural Studies
ITA 2530 Italian Women Writers
SPA 3310 Latinos in the US: Culture and Service Learning
SPA 3620 Gender, Literature and Culture
SPA 3630 Studies in Popular Culture in Latin America and Spain