Women’s and Gender Studies

Race and Ethnic Studies Minor

Minor in Race and Ethnic Studies

Inspired by student interest and activism, the race and ethnic Studies minor at Merrimack College was created to offer students an opportunity to explore issues of race and ethnicity as a field of study. 

To complete your minor in race and ethnic studies, you will need to satisfy a minimum of 18-20 credits and five (5) courses. Students who also major or minor in Women’s and Gender Studies can double-count up to two courses toward the minor in race and ethnic studies (WGS1010 cannot count for both WGS majors/minors and the minor in race and ethnic studies).

Courses You’ll Take

You must complete the required introductory course: WGS 2010 - Introduction to Race and Ethnic Studies. Then, you will select four additional courses from the list below. Three of the four remaining elective courses should be at the 3000-level.

  • WGSS2200 - Gender, Race, and Social Movements
  • WGS2310 - Gender & Diversity in Leadership
  • WGS 2880 - Gender, Race, and War
  • WGS300 - Thinking Green: Gender, Race, and Environmental Justice
  • WGS3110 - Global Women’s Issues: Gender, Activism, and Social Justice
  • WGS3360 - Fieldwork in the Southwestern
  • WGS3420 - Gender, Race, and Media
  • WGS3630 - “Changing Woman”: The Reality and Myth of Native American Women
  • WGS3720 - Gender, Immigration, and the Law
  • CRM3380 - Race, Class, and Crime
  • EDU3620 - Cultural Diversity in the Schools
  • HDE2130 - Diversity and Social Justice
  • ENG3350 - Sex, Race, and Empire: 1688-1814
  • ENG3735 - Hollywood’s America: Gender, Race, and Class in America
  • ENG3880 - Michael Jackson: Reading the King of Pop ENG3860 Italian American Women Writers
  • ENG3870 - Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
  • HIS3365 - History of Muslim Communities
  • HIS3439 - Slavery and Race in the Early Modern Atlantic World, 1400-1800
  • PHL2750 - Thinking Through Race and Racism
  • PHL3010 - Human Rights: Theory and Practice
  • POL3161W - Politics of Immigration and Human Movement (Writing Intensive)
  • POL3162 - Politics, Race, and Law
  • RTS2990 - Special Topics: Women in Islam
  • SOC2000 - Social Inequality: Class, Gender, and Race
  • SOC3330 - Racial and Ethnic Minorities
  • SOC3650 - Sociology of Migration/Immigration
  • SPA3310 - US LatinX: Literature, Culture, and Service Learning
  • SPA3630 - Studies in Popular Culture of Latin America and Spain
  • SPA4050 - Literature(s)/Culture(s) of Resistance


Director, Women’s and Gender Studies