Shannon Donahue

Class of 2008
Spanish Major, Education Minor

“In the fall of my senior year, I decided to add a Women’s and Gender Studies minor to my Spanish major and Education minor - it is one of the best decisions I have made as it has opened my eyes in more ways than I could have ever expected.  As a student at Merrimack College, and a future graduate student of psychiatric counseling at The George Washington University, I was given the opportunity to spend my Tuesday nights at N.A.G.L.Y. as an internship through the department.  N.A.G.L.Y. stands for the North Shore Alliance for Gay and Lesbian Youth, a nonprofit organization that serves as a safety net for LGBTQ youth and a place where they can be themselves free of adversity.  This has been one of the most eye-opening experiences that I have ever had.  As someone who plans to work as a counselor, this experience has allowed me to try to comprehend some of the things that today’s youth face, and even if I can’t grasp how they feel, I can begin to understand what I can do to help now and in the future. 

When at N.A.G.L.Y., I serve as a supportive listener, something that unfortunately a lot of these students are lacking in life. I have also been able to do my part in helping N.A.G.L.Y. financially via applying to and receiving a grant so that the organization can continue to help today’s youth without facing financial restrictions. 

If I had not chosen a Women’s Study and Gender Studies minor, I never would have had this experience.  I am so thankful for the helpful and supportive faculty in the department who gave me the resources to make this opportunity happen.  I strongly recommend a minor in the Women’s Studies and Gender Studies field.  It will make you see the world and the people in it in a different way!”