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Office of Professional Studies

Spring 2017 Schedule

Course  Sec Course Title Format Cr General Req. Days Start End
ACC4408C A Auditing Hybrid 4 X Thursday 6:00PM 9:50PM
BUS2205C A Principles of Marketing Hybrid 4   Thursday 6:00PM 9:50PM
BUS2220C A Operations Management Hybrid 4 X Tuesday 6:00PM 9:50PM
BUS4402WC A Strategic Analysis & Decision Making Hybrid 4 X, W Monday 6:00PM 9:50PM
COM2401C A Introduction to Mass Communication Online 4  SOSC * * *
COM2701C A Organizational Communication Hybrid 4 SOSC Thursday 6:00PM 9:50PM
HSC2300C A Introduction to Nutritional Sciences Online 4 STEM/MS * * *
MGT3355C A Diversity in the Workplace Hybrid 4 D Wednesday * *
MTH1000C A Concepts of Algebra Traditional 4 Q Tuesday/Thursday 6:00PM 8:50PM 
MTH1003C A Intro to Math for Business Traditional 4 Q Monday/ Wednesday 6:00PM 7:50PM
PHL2090C A Values in a Tech Culture Online 4 E * * *
PSY2200C A Social Psychology Online 4 SOSC/SS * * *
PSY3410C A Abnormal Psychology Online 4 SOSC/SS * * *
RTS2400C A Sex, Politics, Religion & St. Augustine Hybrid 4 H Thursday 6:00PM 9:50PM
SOC2000C A Social Inequality: Class, Gender & Race Online 4 SOSC/D * * *
SOC3100C A Research Methods Traditional 4 SOSC Wednesday 6:00PM 9:50PM
WGS3300C A US Women’s History Online 4 HU/H/D * * *
WLC1000C A International Customs, Cultures & Languages  Traditional 4 FL Thursday 6:00PM 9:50PM
WRT2101WC A Introduction to Public & Professional Writing Online 4 W * * *