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Professional Studies

World Languages Programs for Teachers

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Known for its active learning pedagogy, Merrimack College provides the opportunity for teachers to engage in seminars and courses that range from practical application to powerful inquiry.

Merrimack offers a wide array of innovative, active and content-rich programs for teachers in public, private and religious schools, K-12. The College awards non-degree graduate credits.

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Courses offered:

  • GIE550C L’italiano al cinema: Teaching Italian through Film

  • Course Dates: June 28- July 18, 2017 (Online or Hybrid- Participant Choice)

Further develop your language skills while studying Italian culture and language through popular Italian films, such as La vita è bella, Ciao Professore, Pane e tulipani, and Il Postino. Emphasis will be on vocabulary building, improving conversational and writing skills, comprehension, film analysis, as well as discussions on cultural events of the films’ contexts.  Share your own experiences for teaching Italian through such films – and hear those of other course participants.This course requires Internet access, and all materials and discussions will be posted and shared using Blackboard.

 Instructor: Dr. Cinzia DiGiulio, World Languages and Cultural Studies

  •  GIE571C Popular Films for Secondary Teachers of French

  • Course Dates: July 10 - August 18 (Online) 

This course conducted in French can be taken as an online course only or as a hybrid course, according to the participants’ choice. It is designed for teachers who wish to continue to develop their language skills and study French culture and language through French films. The films selected will be popular French films and or cartoons.  Emphasis will be on vocabulary building, improving conversational and writing skills, comprehension, film analysis, as well as discussions on cultural events of the films’ contexts.  Teachers will also share their own experience and methods for teaching French through such films.

*There will be three Saturdays that are optional- July 15, July 25, and August 12

Instructor: Nathalie Stephan-Wiles

  • GIE570CShort Films for French Secondary Teachers

  • Course Dates: June 26, 27, 28, and 29 from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

In this four day French immersion seminar, participants will sharpen their language skills and expand their vocabulary.  Activities and drills will allow participants to reinforce their oral communication.  Selected short films will be used to illustrate French culture and stimulate class discussions.  Using the content of the seminar, teachers will be guided to create drills simplifying grammar rules for their students or develop lessons from the beginner to the advanced levels.

Instructor: Sylvie Pressman and Nathalie Stephan-Wiles

  • GIE544C Spain: From the Second Republic to Francoist Repression

  • Course Dates: June 28- July 18, 2017 (Online)

Delve into the Spanish Civil War while developing a lesson plan incorporating readings and films from this course. We’ll discuss factors that caused the Spanish Civil War, identify the factions involved in the conflict and more. Understand the Franco political system, the official censure and its impact on Spanish culture. Conducted in Spanish with occasional reading in English, the course will strengthen your oral and written language skills. You will also keep a weekly journal, participate in board discussions using Blackboard and develop a lesson plan that incorporates readings and films from this course.

 Instructor: Olyan Rosal, Adjunct Lecturer, World Languages and Cultures

  • GIE540C Advanced Spanish Grammar

  • Course Dates: June 26 - August 5, 2017 (Online)

Using explanatory text and practical exercises, this course provides a comprehensive review of Spanish grammar, targeting problem areas of grammar for many advanced learners. Designed for students preparing for licensure exams, teachers preparing to teach advanced levels, as well as native speakers of Spanish charged with teaching advanced grammar concepts, the course offers a collaborative environment to share tips and best practices on how to teach these difficult concepts. It focuses on challenging grammar areas, such as:

  • pronouns and their uses
  • distinctions between ser/estar and preterite/imperfect
  • intricacies of relative clauses and relative pronouns
  • comparative constructions
  • adjective position and word order
  • reflexives and se constructions
  • imperative and subjunctive usage
  • neuter pronouns
  • gerunds and participles
  • impersonal constructions

This online, guided independent study course is delivered in six assignment packages which must be turned in on a weekly basis. Each week, you will complete the grammar activities from the textbook, Gramática para la composición; segunda edición (Whitely and González), complete online practice activities that are posted to the Blackboard Course Management System, and share teaching strategies for teaching and integrating Spanish grammar into your own classes. This course requires Internet access, and all materials must be posted on Blackboard.

Instructor: Mellissia Walles, Adjunct Lecturer, Office of Professional Studies

  • GIE536C Puerto Rico & Mexico through Literature

  • Course Dates: July 10 - August 18, 2017  (Online)

Learn about the history and culture of Puerto Rico and Mexico by examining the work of writers Rosario Ferré and Elena Poniatowska. Conducted entirely in Spanish with occasional readings in English, this course focuses on helping you improve your oral and written language skills: interpretive and interpersonal modes of Spanish communication. You will keep a weekly journal, present a book review, and participate in discussions using Blackboard Discussion Board. By the end of the course, you will be able to:
1. Understand issues related to integrating Spanish literature, history and culture in teaching

Spanish as a second language.

2. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of several seminal Spanish literary texts, films, art and the social and intellectual circumstances under which they were originally produced.

3. Develop a complete lesson plan related to the topic of this course.

4. Share personal and professional opinions on the use of literature, culture and history in the Spanish classroom.

 Instructor: Olyan Rosal, Adjunct Lecturer, World Languages and Cultures




Tuition and Payment Information 


$900 – 3 non degree Graduate Credits & PDPs
$575 – PDPs only

Credits/PDPs: Three (3) non-degree Graduate credits from Merrimack College through affiliation with the Division of Graduate Education. Each graduate seminar also earns 67.5 PDPs. Participants may opt to take this seminar for 67.5 Professional Development Points only. 

The Bursar’s Office is open Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Instructors are not able to accept payment from students the day of the course. The Bursar’s Office is not open on Saturdays. Be sure to make alternate arrangements if you plan to pay in person.

Payment by check may be mailed to 

Merrimack College
Bursar’s Office
315 Turnpike Street, North Andover, MA 01845

*Note: Please make checks payable to Merrimack College. When registering for the course, you will have the option of paying via credit card.  Please note you will need to know your student id to pay online. 

Withdrawals and Refund Policy

A student is entitled to a refund of tuition according to the following schedule:
Withdrawals received by end of the first week of the course Full Refund
Withdrawals received in the second week of the course 50% Refund
Withdrawals received after the second week of the course No Refund


For more information, please contact Stephanie Sullivan, Office of Graduate and Professional Studies, at or 978-837-3576.