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Located in the Rogers Center for the Arts, the Thagaste Gallery hosts several exhibits each year and brings together local, student and faculty artists to share their work.

Gallery Hours

Monday through Friday
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

All exhibitions are free and open to the public during regular gallery hours. Hours are extended on film and performances dates. 

About the Gallery

The Thagaste Gallery is named for the small North African town where St. Augustine was born and later established as a small community dedicated to prayer and good works. Community, in the Augustinian sense of the word, is a gathering of people of one mind and one heart intent upon God, who take joy in the development of friendship, intellectual exchange and the beauty of creation. In that spirit, the Thagaste Gallery is a place where artists from the Greater Merrimack Valley and its neighbors, as well as student and faculty artists, can share their talents, dreams and ideas of beauty.

Current Exhibitions

Balik Kampung: A Village Return

Emily Kearns and her Malaysian host family. A Mixed-Media Art Installation

Join us in exploring the life-long, cross-cultural, love affair between Andover resident and Merrimack College alumna, Emily Kearns, and her Malaysian host family, with whom she lived for one year as an American Field Service (AFS) foreign exchange student in 1977.

Their special relationship is brought to life through photos, film, collage, and storytelling. The installation celebrates the power of cross-cultural experience to impact our lives and generations to come. It invites and incites us to consider and remember the universality of our human experience.

Read an article from the Boston Globe about Emily’s exhibit!

Opens: August 16 | Closes: September 27

Reception: 4pm-6pm August 16


Past Exhibitions

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