It’s All About STEM

Our society is becoming increasingly more complex and technological. 

Now more than ever before, an understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics — the so-called STEM fields — is essential to achieving success in school, career and life.

Twenty-first-century learning requires more than just an acquisition of content knowledge in STEM; it requires also the development of a core set of skills such as problem solving, creative and critical thinking and analysis, quantitative reasoning, and written and oral communication. These are the foundations of the high-quality STEM education that we offer students in the School of Science and Engineering.

Upon leaving the academy, these are the foundations also that will allow our graduates to adapt to inevitable future changes in their careers and personal lives, and to be active and engaged citizens of the global community who make good, well-reasoned decisions about important issues related to public policy; quality of life; health and wellness; and the environment.