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Major Requirements - B.A.

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with a CO-Major can lead to many rewarding career paths

The Biology Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree curriculum is designed to offer the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of courses offered in the Department of Biology while also leaving room for a second major or minors. The Biology B.A. degree is designed with fewer cognate course requirements so that students may connect their biology degree to other liberal arts majors. Students are encouraged to adopt a minor or second major in fields such as education, business, communications, political science, psychology, history, sociology, philosophy, computer science, environmental studies and sustainability among many other choices. Each student is individually advised and counseled according to his/her aptitude and career interests.


A dynamic curriculum builds strong practical knowledge from introductory classes to specialized coursework. The wide variety of course offerings provide students with the opportunity to sample broadly from a course list as diverse as biology itself.


Decisions are made every day in political, healthcare, and environmental public policy arenas that require sound foundational knowledge of the biological sciences. STEM education is of critical importance to maintaining a vibrant economy and society. Communicating biological science discoveries, breakthroughs and research to the public has become critical to an informed society. Careers in politics, education and communication are just some of the possibilities with a Biology Bachelor of Arts degree as a co-major with other degrees. Recently, a Merrimack College student graduation speaker accepted a position with a state party committee as a science advisor. Other graduates are science writers and journalists. And many of our graduates are middle school and high school science teachers. The possibilities are wide open for students with a B.A. in Biology!