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Computer Science

Software Engineering

As a computer science major with a concentration in software engineering, you’ll focus on software development, theory, and algorithms.

By gaining hands-on experience designing software, you’ll prepare to succeed in the rapidly changing technology industry.

The Concentration

In the software engineering program, you will:

  • Delve into the main principles and techniques of computer science, engineering and mathematical analysis.
  • Discover how to design, develop, maintain, test and evaluate software for operating systems, computers and other applications.
  • Learn HTML, XML, CSS, C++ and other coding languages.
  • Improve your ability to develop algorithms as well as analyze and solve programming problems.
  • Have the opportunity to explore the visual side of web development with courses on image making, graphic design and visual web design.

Hands-On Learning

You’ll have the opportunity to take part in internships and co-ops. It’s your chance to get real-world experience at industry leaders like Raytheon, Fidelity Investments, Phillips Medical and the MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

What You’ll Take 

All computer science majors take a combination of required and elective courses to satisfy the 62-credit requirement.

Required Courses for Computer Science Majors

CSC 1520

General Computer Science

CSC 1610

Problem Solving with C++

CSC 2710

Analysis of Algorithms I

CSC 2820

Data Structures

CSC 3320 

Operating Systems

MTH 1217

Calculus I

MTH 1314

Discrete Mathematics

Required Courses for Concentration

CSC 2620       

Object Oriented Programming

CSC 3555

Theory of Computation

CSC 4720

Computer Architecture

CSC 4910

Computer Science Capstone

CSC 5120

Programming Language Principles


Select four courses from the following list.

CSC 3335

Artificial Intelligence

CSC 3720

Numerical Analysis

CSC 3810

Database Principles

CSC 5030

Analysis of Algorithms II

CSC 5055

Network Security I

CSC 5210

Computer Graphics

CSC 5155

Cryptography I

CSC 5935

Data Networking

CSC 5995

Data Mining 

More Info

Mary Noonan

Associate Professor and Chair,
Computer Science