Minor in Data Science

To complete the minor, you will need to take five courses adding up to 20 credits. 

Data Science Minor Requirements
(3 courses, 12 credits)
DSE 1001  Foundations of Data Science I (4 credits)
DSE 1002  Foundations of Data Science II (4 credits)
DSE 2001 Creating Information Graphics (4 credits)


Data Science Minor Cognates
(2 courses, 8 credits)

choose one:

CSC 1600 Data Science Programming using Python
CSC 1611 Problem Solving with Python

choose one:

BUS 2213 Business Statistics
MTH 1110 Basic Statistics with Fantasy Football
MTH 1111 Basic Statistics
MTH 1505 Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers
MTH 2527 Probability and Statistics I
PSY 2210 Statistical Methods in Psychology


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