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Electrical Engineering Departmental Mission

To graduate outstanding Electrical Engineers within a challenging and inspiring learning environment while actively contributing to the College and to local and professional communities.


Electrical Engineering Program Educational Objectives

The Program Educational Objectives of the Electrical Engineering Department are provided below, followed by a keywords table to facilitate reference later on:

1. Adaptability to changing employer needs and technology trends

2. Diagnosing and solving problems

3. A system-level understanding of their engineering contributions.  Our graduates understand that their work influences and is influenced by engineering throughout the system.

4. An understanding of the program management implications of their work.  Our graduates understand the influence their decisions have on issues such as project scheduling, cost and quality.

5. Designing or testing devices and or systems

6. Serving on teams as a contributing member

7. Practice electrical engineering in application areas including but not limited to the following:
•   Analog, digital and wireless circuit design, test and manufacture
•   Integrated circuit design, layout, and fabrication
•   Telecommunications and packet technology
•   Electrical power generation, distribution, and quality
•   Application of renewable energy, energy conversion and energy efficiency
•   Embedded controller and high-level programming and design

8. Engage in regular upgrading of their knowledge and skill set as part of ensuring both their personal success and the success of their employer. Many pursue graduate work, continuing education, or professional trainings.


Electrical Engineering Program Outcomes

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