Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Engineering Management Specialization

Management Specialization

Students in our graduate engineering programs have the option to specialize in Engineering Management.

Engineering management “bridges the gap” between engineering and management, and enables a graduate to work with and through people to get things done. This specialization provides graduates with both technical and managerial skills, combining a typical engineering education (technical) with key elements of a typical management or business education (managerial).

Choose at least one of the following:
  • Engineering Project Management (4 cr)
  • Construction Planning and Management (4 cr)
  • Decision Analysis (4 cr)
  • Optimization (4 cr)

plus up to eight GMGT credits from the Master of Management degree.

Suggested management courses applicable to engineering management include:
  • Management Planning and Control (4 cr)
  • Marketing Analysis and Decision Making (4 cr)
  • Leading Effective Teams (2 cr)
and one of the following:
  • Global Business & Economy (2 cr)
  • Effective Managerial Communication (2 cr)
  • World Class Operations (2 cr)
  • Marketing Analysis (4 cr)

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