Engineering Management Specialization

Management Specialization

Students in our graduate engineering programs have the option to specialize in Engineering Management.

Engineering management “bridges the gap” between engineering and management, and enables a graduate to work with and through people to get things done. This specialization provides graduates with both technical and managerial skills, combining a typical engineering education (technical) with key elements of a typical management or business education (managerial).

Choose at least one of the following:
  • Engineering Project Management (4 cr)
  • Construction Planning and Management (4 cr)
  • Decision Analysis (4 cr)
  • Optimization (4 cr)

plus up to eight GMGT credits from the Master of Management degree.

Suggested management courses applicable to engineering management include:
  • Management Planning and Control (4 cr)
  • Marketing Analysis and Decision Making (4 cr)
  • Leading Effective Teams (2 cr)
and one of the following:
  • Global Business & Economy (2 cr)
  • Effective Managerial Communication (2 cr)
  • World Class Operations (2 cr)
  • Marketing Analysis (4 cr)

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