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The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering combines four-credit foundational courses with electives for a total of 32 credit hours.

Core Courses (8 credits)

  • GEN 6001 Finite Elements
  • MEN 5010G Advanced Mechanics/FEM 

Electives (24 credits)

A minimum of three electives must be chosen from the courses listed below. Students may take all six electives from this list if they choose. A maximum of eight credits can be chosen from the business curriculum of the Girard School of Business. A maximum of two electives may be transferred in.

  • GEN 5001 Introduction to Systems Engineering
  • GEN 6002 Numerical Methods
  • MEN 5012G Instrumentation/Robotics
  • MEN 5020 Mechanical Behavior of Polymers
  • MEN 5030G Energy Systems
  • MEN 5040G Advanced Fluid Mechanics
  • MEN 5050G Manufacturing Processes
  • EEN 5555G Power Engineering & Power Quality
  • GEN 6004 Engineering Project Management
  • GEN 6800 Graduate Internship
  • GEN 6999 Directed Study (faculty approval required)
  • GEN 6999 Special Topics (topics vary)

PLEASE NOTE - Not all classes are offered every year. Please work with the program director to plan a sequence of courses that best fits your desired graduation timetable.